Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius

Michiyo Ambrosius, Ph.D., psychologist, author, yoga instructor, and personal coach has a unique cultural background.  She was born in Tokyo, Japan and raised by a Roman Catholic grandmother and father and by a Shinto mother in a predominantly Buddhist culture.  Her multi-cultural heritage and extensive travels in European, Asian, and African counties have blossomed into her unique ability to connect with people of diverse backgrounds and interests.  Many of her clients are people from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. She takes pleasure in helping people from different cultures because she can truly understand their struggles.

Currently she works as a personal coach and clinical psychologist in private practice.  As a certified yoga teacher, she also teaches yoga to senior citizens which she regards as a community service.  In 1999 she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  Soon after her diagnoses she began practicing yoga every day for 20 minutes.  Three months later she went into spontaneous remission and has been cancer free ever since.

Due of her strong belief in body mind healing, she incorporates yoga postures and breathing techniques into personal coaching and psychotherapy as well.  Meanwhile, she hosts workshops on yoga, meditation, dream work, personal transformation, and relationships.

Her empowering work has been instrumental in developing her clients’ self esteem, healthy interpersonal relationships, and meaningful professional activities.

Her long held interests are exploring culture, history, and spirituality in search of an answer to the question, “How do we grow as a person?”  Her quest has resulted in a doctorate dissertation, Wisdom: A Positive Aspect of Aging.

Doctor Michiyo and Lisa

Doctor Michiyo and Lisa

She has published a CD recording of guided imagery called, Healing Touch for relaxation and stress management.  She has a book in progress, Cultivating Wisdom through Midlife.  In addition, she is currently co-authoring a book titled Living Proof with Lisa Nichols, who appeared in the movie called The Secret.  Lisa is also contributor for the publication of Chicken Soup for the African American Soul and Chicken Soup for the African American Women’s Soul.